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Masauko Khembo

“Lives of Kasinthula farmers and surrounding communities have really been transformed through FT (FairTrade).” – Masauko

Fairtrade Cane Sugar

Masauko Khembo lives in Malawi with his wife Naomie and their children. Their son Dennis (14 years old) and daughter Melpha (12 years old) attend high school and Ethan (5 years old) is in primary school. 


Massauko joined Illovo Sugar, where Kasinthula sends its sugar cane for milling, straight from university. He worked in Illovo for 13 years, and eventually became an agronomist (a middle management position). He became a member of Kasinthua in October 2010.


Compared with the chocolate made in South Africa, Masauko thinks that the Divine chocolate tastes better.


Malawi is one of the poorest countries in Southern Africa. 85% of the population makes a living out of agriculture. Yet, the development of the sugar sector is constrained by high input costs, poor infrastructure and the lack of agricultural support services.


Kasinthula Cane Growers Association (KCG) is a smallholder sugar cane project, taking place in the Shire River Valley District of Chikwawa in the south of Malawi. Its major aim is to convert the unproductive land to sugar cane production in order to increase the supply of raw cane to the mill and provide an income for farmers who are struggling to make a living.


Although the KCG project was threatened by enormous and rising debts from the start, it is making progress in repaying the debt with support from the government and good management.


In 2002, KCG was Fairtrade certified. It is now supplying sugar to companies in the UK, Europe and the US on Fairtrade terms. On top of the contract price for the sugar cane, Fairtrade sales make an extra Fairtrade Premium of $60 a ton of sugar that is stipulated for community development projects.