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“I can say that everyone now at Panda Flowers knows their rights. They have self-confidence and they have the right to talk and there’s no one who is keeping quiet when anything goes wrong.” – Rosemary

Fairtrade Flower

Rosemary comes from a small town called Naivasha, Kenya. She is a widow and a mother of three. Rosemary is a supervisor at Panda Flowers Limited and was the head of the gender committee at Panda Flowers for 6 years.


Rosemary thinks that a stable career and a secure income are very important for a single parent, especially in the Kenyan flower industry, women are facing many difficulties such as discrimination, low salaries and poor workplace conditions.


Each Fairtrade flower farm in Kenya has its own committee promoting gender equality. The Gender Committee ensures the equal treatment of every worker, and ensures that any acts of harassment or racism does not occur. It also makes great effort to seal the self-perception of the women workers through providing the people with knowledge about gender.


Panda Flowers has been selected as one of the first 12 flower farms in the world to participate in the Floralife Spotlight Program, a program that aims to bond buyers with growers to let the buyers appreciate the efforts put in flower production.


Fairtrade Premiums made on sales are being financed on workers and community welfare projects, leading to benefits for the people in the community. As for Rosemary herself, working on a Fairtrade certified farm has given Rosemary her own house and the ability to send her two sons to university.


Women in the community also have a safe place to give birth to their child, due to the maternity clinic at Lake Navasha that was partly funded by Fairtrade Premium money. The farm has also established a staff welfare program, including a posho mill and a consumer shop, where the workers can acquire daily basic food supplies.