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Fair Trade Hong Kong (FTHK) encourages corporate to take part in Fair Trade movement. Therefore, “Fair Trade Corporate Award” is launched to recognize corporations with strong commitment to Fair Trade in their operations. We are happy to tailor-make special
event to facilitate understanding on topics such as globalization, sustainable development, gender equality and corporate social responsibility.


Check out the activities below and give us a call to register an activity for your team!



Fair Trade concepts and its significance would be introduced. Content includes, but not limited to

i) how the operations of multi-national corporations influence the life of smallholder farmers under globalization,

ii) how Fair Trade improves the livelihoods of producers, and

iii) how to respond as a consumer.


Coffee Ground Dyeing

Instructor shows the impact of textile manufacturing on the environment, followed by hands-on tie-dying using natural coffee ground. Not only can the participants bring their own upcycled handkerchiefs of various beautiful patterns home, but also have a glance of coffee trading around the world.

Energy ball making

Energy Ball Making

Not only about flavours, nutritional values of food are also very important. Fair Trade energy balls use natural quinoa, chocolate powder and honey as ingredients, replenishing energy while supporting farmers in developing countries.

Chocolate Making png

Chocolate Workshop

Cocoa farmers from Ivory Coast work diligently every day, yet they cannot afford to grab any bite of chocolate throughout their lives. Besides tasting or making chocolate, the workshop also tells the daily life of cocoa farmers.


Workshop 1: Chocolate Tasting

Workshop 2: DIY Chocolate Making (Filling: liquor, coffee beans, nuts, etc.)

Workshop 3: Story Telling: (Suitable for kids, including tasting session)


*Children / parent-child participation are welcome, including chocolate tasting


Coffee Candle Workshop

Ever imagined waking to your morning favourite brew, and ever wanted to have it permeating every corners of your room? There's two way you can do it - spill it, or have a coffee candle. This workshop combines making good use of Fair Trade certified coffee powder and upcycling coffee ground as we DIY our own signature candle scent with known and fair sources of ingredients.


Movie Viewing

Far away from Hong Kong, plots of blood and sweat are happening at the other end of the world. Independent films and documentaries reveal the dark side of exploitation underneath. Sharing session would be carried out after screening. Below are some movie options:


  • Film 1: “Black Gold”- Following an Ethiopian Coffee Union manager as he travels the world to fight for a better price for coffee beans. (Duration: 78min)


  • Film 2: “Bananas!”- Nicaraguan banana farmers sued Dole Food Co. over health problems, believing that all starts from the use of a banned pesticide. (Duration: 87min)


  • Film 3: “The True Cost”- A documentary focuses on fast fashion from several aspects, including the low-wage workers and serious pollutions. (Duration: 92min)



Tea Workshop

Having tea is an everyday habit to many, yet the bitterness of tea farming is rarely known. From tasting, brewing techniques to snapshots of farmers, we hope to bring tea-drinking to another level.


DIY Natural Scrub

Non-biodegradable plastic microbeads exist in most facial scrubs causes pollution. This workshop makes good use of coffee ground and coconut oil to create natural scrub. DIY skincare ensures known sources of ingredients and carries less environmental problems as well.

Reservation is made on first-come-first-served basis. Application should be submitted at least 1 month before the event date.

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