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Fair Trade Hong Kong (FTHK) encourages corporate to take part in Fair Trade movement. Therefore, “Fair Trade Corporate Award” is launched to recognize corporations with strong commitment to Fair Trade in their operations. We are happy to tailor-make special
event to facilitate understanding on topics such as globalization, sustainable development, gender equality and corporate social responsibility.


Check out the activities below and give us a call to register an activity for your team!


Coffee Ground Tie Dye Workshop

Participants can use coffee grounds to make natural dyes to create different patterns. Instructor will explain the impact of manufacturing textiles on the environment. Participants can learn about the global coffee trade and discuss how to pursue better corporate social responsibility.

mosquito-repellent reference photo

Coffee Ground Mosquito Repellent Making Workshop

Participants can use coffee grounds to make natural mosquito-repellent incense. When placed indoors, it can not only repel mosquitoes, but also emit a light coffee fragrance, which is refreshing and elegant. Instructor will also further introduce the environmental benefits of natural mosquito coils made from coffee grounds.

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Coffee Ground Soap Making Workshop

Participants can use coffee grounds, olive oil and coconut oil to make natural soap, which is safe for the skin and organic. Instructor will further explain the benefits to both the environment and users themselves.

Coffee ground candle reference photo 1

Coffee Ground Candle Making Workshop

Participants can learn to mix coffee grounds with soy wax and turn them into handmade candles, which are exquisite and can be placed at home or office, filling the space with a light coffee aroma.


Coffee Ground Body Scrub Making Workshop

Scrubs sold on the market generally contain non-decomposable micro-particles, which can cause various pollution problems. The scrub is made from coffee grounds and Fairtrade coconut oil, which not only has natural ingredients but also reduces the burden on the environment.


Tea Ground / Coffee Ground Paper Making Workshop

Paper does not necessarily come from trees, but can also come from the natural residue after brewing coffee or tea. Participants can try to make use of recycled paper, tea ground or coffee ground, and produce a piece of unique upcycled paper.


Food Sustainability Series - Natural Pigment Workshop

Food waste is one of the key issues in Hong Kong. In this workshop, participants will use some leftover ingredients, such as cabbage, orange peels, coffee grounds, etc., and then add gum arabic to make pigments. Natural pigments are not only colorful and environmentally friendly, but also have a special meaning when painted on paper.

Chocolate Making png

Food Sustainability Series - Chocolate Making Workshop

Fair Trade Hong Kong collaborates with farmers and business sectors to create a more equitable future for the chocolate industry. This workshop will use Fairtrade chocolates paired with nuts in order to better understand the backstories of the chocolates. Let's make a silky sweet dessert!

Energy ball making

Food Sustainability Series - Quinoa Energy Ball Making Workshop

Not only about flavours, nutritional values of food are also very important. Fair Trade energy balls use natural quinoa, chocolate powder and honey as ingredients, replenishing energy while supporting farmers in developing countries.

Tea Jelly

Food Sustainability Series - Tea Jelly Making Workshop

Fairtrade tea cultivation employs approximately 380,000 people worldwide. The crispness of the jelly enhances the refreshing taste of the tea. This workshop will make jelly from Fairtrade tea. You can enjoy the unique aroma of tea while also supporting the efforts of conscientious tea farmers.

vice rolls 2

Food Sustainability Series - Rice Paper Rolls Workshop

This workshop will lead you to create a filling afternoon snack using healthy and organic ingredients that will increase your satisfaction without putting a burden on your health.


Tea Tasting Workshop: Fair Trade Chinese Tea

Fair Trade not only has coffee but also tea. In our tea tasting workshop, you will get a taste of various authentic Chinese teas and learn about the Chinese tea culture. You will also be able to try out different types of Fairtrade certified Chinese tea, and learn about the journey of tea leaves from farm to cup.



Fair Trade concepts and its significance would be introduced. Content includes, but not limited to

i) how the operations of multi-national corporations influence the life of smallholder farmers under globalization,

ii) how Fair Trade improves the livelihoods of producers, and

iii) how to respond as a consumer.


Movie Viewing

Far away from Hong Kong, plots of blood and sweat are happening at the other end of the world. Independent films and documentaries reveal the dark side of exploitation underneath. Sharing session would be carried out after screening. Below are some movie options:


  • Film 1: “Black Gold”- Following an Ethiopian Coffee Union manager as he travels the world to fight for a better price for coffee beans. (Duration: 78min)


  • Film 2: “Bananas!”- Nicaraguan banana farmers sued Dole Food Co. over health problems, believing that all starts from the use of a banned pesticide. (Duration: 87min)


  • Film 3: “The True Cost”- A documentary focuses on fast fashion from several aspects, including the low-wage workers and serious pollutions. (Duration: 92min)


Reservation is made on first-come-first-served basis. Application should be submitted at least 1 month before the event date.

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