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The year 2012 marked an important milestone for the fair trade movement in Hong Kong. Since then, Fair Trade Hong Kong has offically joined Fairtrade International and became a Fairtrade Marketing Organization (FMO), which is authorized to grant and monitor the certification of Fair Trade products among Hong Kong, Macau and China.


If your brand is interested in labelling products with The FAIRTRADE Certification MARK, please refer to the information below.


  1. Review of Product Categories

    Please visit to check if your product(s) is already certified by Fairtrade, or to explore different certified categories worldwide.

  2. Provision of Information Regarding Product Ingredients and Supply Chain

    Get contact information for the Fairtrade organization in your area via (Fair Trade Hong Kong is responsible for handling product applications from companies registered in Hong Kong, Macau and China). To submit the required information, please complete the following application form.

  3. Submission of Product Design

    Submit the product design with The FAIRTRADE Certification MARK included.

  4. Product Confirmation

    We will notify the companies with successful applications of Fairtrade certified products, and provide further assistance in promotion. Certification fees will be charged after each quarterly sales report.


For any enquiry, please contact us at

Tel: 3705 2488


6 steps to register as Fairtrade certified Products

Product Scope Check
Product Composition Check
Supply Chain Check
Acknowledge Fair Trade Standard
Submit the Application Form & Artwork
Receive Licence Contract & Artwork Approval