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Fair Trade Hong Kong (FTHK) devotes itself to holding a variety of activities. By using various innovative methods, we would like to encourage community participation and explore the shining point of different stakeholders in the community.


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Environment Fund —
Environment Fund —
ECF Fairness under the Sun
ECF Sustainable and Fair Future through the Gaps - Community Resources

“Environment Fund — “ is an environmental education programme funded by the Environment and Conservation Fund of the HKSAR Government and organized by Fair Trade Hong Kong (FTHK). The programme has been aimed to cultivate and connect different community members of all ages in order to raise their awareness and understanding of fairness and environmental sustainability. Through encouraging the communication across generations, it is hoped that they are able to take on the responsibility of protecting the environment and pass on the concept of sustainability.


The programme has been successfully completed in Jan 2023. 20 student ambassadors and 20 elderly ambassadors were recruited to form a multi-generations team. In order to deepen their understanding in Fair Trade and sustainable development, FTHK organized a variety of training workshops and guided tours for education and learning. Through utilizing what they learnt, they eventually designed 5 new guided tour routes featuring fairtrade and environmental protection so as to promote the culture of sustainable living.


Programme timeline is as follows:

Education — Ambassador Training Workshop

Ecologists, representatives from academic authority, corporations, public institutions and social enterprises were invited to hold a series of talks and tours for ambassadors, enabling them to fully understand how different sectors in the society influence urban sustainable development and environment.

Learning — Mentoring Opportunity

Each cooperation partner and ambassadors joined together to form a mentoring relationship. Throughout the process, ambassadors followed their mentors and assisted them in guiding tours. In this way, ambassadors were able to gain the knowledge and strategy in planning and guiding tours, as well as deepen the understanding of urban sustainability.

Inheritance — Sustainable City Guided Tour

Putting their knowledge and strategies into practice, ambassadors eventually designed and planned 5 new guided tours that help spread the concept of urban sustainability to the community.


“ECF Fairness under the Sun” is an environmental education programme funded by the Environment and Conservation Fund of the HKSAR Government and organized by Fair Trade Hong Kong. The programme has been aimed to raise public awareness and support for renewable energy development and carbon reduction, and has been successfully completed in June 2020. Throughout the programme, 37 student ambassadors guided community tours to solar power facilities and delivered educational workshops in secondary schools, uniting community support on low-carbon life.

Activities included in the programme:

Student Ambassadors — Training & Practicing

We offered two rounds of ambassador recruitment workshops and talks, with 37 tertiary student ambassadors attracted. There were 2 rounds of training, with the first one organized from Mar to May 2019 and the second one organized from Dec 2019 to Feb 2020. They received training in climate change, renewable energy and fair carbon offsetting, in which the training sessions are hosted by experts from renewable energy engineer, electricity company, green groups, academic institutions and corporations. Participants' attendance rate turned out to be more than 80%. After completion, students guided community tours to solar power facilities and delivered educational workshops in secondary schools.

Participation in Community Tours

From Jun 2019 to May 2020, participants visited different solar power facilities, including the latest floating photovoltaic systems launched by the HKSAR government, and looked at local solar power development closely. The event attracted more than 100 community members, and more than 90% said that the tours deepened their understanding on the government's development of renewable energy.

Secondary School Workshops

From Sep 2019 to May 2020, we organized various engaging activities about the implementation of solar power systems and the transaction of renewable energy certificates. Through these interesting events, students gained a deeper understanding of the importance of different stakeholders and fairness in carbon reduction and understood more about climate change.


Video — Striking a Balance between Sustainability and City?

We invited different stakeholders and experts to share their views and experiences, in which participants could dissect urban sustainable development from different perspectives. Most importantly, participants are encouraged to rethink the meaning behind. Is sacrifice necessary for development? How can we solve it?


Watch videos below to know more:
ECF Video (1)
ECF Video (2)


5 routes of guided tour were designed during the programme. Participants could dissect urban sustainable development from different perspectives. Let's discover more through Virtual Reality (VR):

Admiralty and Wan Chai’s Heritage Tour

Walking through the Admiralty and Wan Chai community, you can explore different historic buildings and heritage.


Objective: Understand the difference between old and new buildings; Evaluate the work of conservation


Route: Hong Kong Park → Asia Society Hong Kong Centre → Blue House → Old Wan Chai Post Office → Lanterns of Hung Shing Temple → Wanchai Market → 7 Mallory Street

Regenerative Farming

K-FARM would be the first urban farm in Hong Kong incorporating hydroponics, aquaponics and organic farming systems.

Objective: Learn more about organic farming, aquaponics and soil conservation; Deepen the understanding of regenerative farming

Location: K-FARM

North Point Tour /Energy Affecting You & Me

Walk through North Point and you can discover different facilities related to energy and environmental protection in real life.


Objective: Understand more about sustainable energy in the local community


Route: Fortress Hill Station → Unused Power Station → Hotel Alexandra Hong Kong → Electric Road Municipal Services Building → North Point Tram Terminus → Kerosene & LPG Store → North Point Ferry Pier

Lei Yue Mun Quarry Tour

Riding on the nostalgic ferry, you can get to know more about the transformation of Lei Yue Mun harbour. Quarry and lighthouse bring you a taste of time travelling.


Objective: Rethink the possibility of sustainable development on the renewal of old urban area from historical and cultural aspect


Route:Sai Wan Ho Ferry Pier → Sam Ka Tsuen → Squatter → Seafood Street → Tin Hau Temple → Lei Yue Mun Quarry → Lighthouse

Shing Mun River Tour

Sha Tin Sea was once located in the place of Shing Mun River, but now it is transformed into artificial river channels.


Objective: Gain an insight into water pollution among different eras


Route: Observation Platform of Sha Tin Sports Ground → Shing Mun River Promenade Garden No.1→ On King Street Garden /Ravana Garden