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Public Education Event

Fair Trade is one of the components of life. We hope the public is able to achieve sustainable consumption in different times and places. A variety of activities such as bazaar, workshop and interactive exhibition will be organized from time to time which give the public more opportunity to get in touch with Fair Trade.


Past events:

Fair Trade Fiesta 2022 – Connecting a Fair World
Fair Trade Fiesta 2022 – Connecting a Fair World
2022 公平貿易秋日祭 (EN)

Fair Trade Fiesta 2022 was held on 14&15 May in Tsuen Wan D‧PARK so as to echo with the Global Fair Trade Day in May.

「同繫公平」 (EN)

Under the theme "Co-creating a Fair World," this year's Fair Trade Fiesta aims to bring together Fair Trade businesses and consumers so that the public is aware that Fair Trade not only promotes fairness in trade activities, but also relates to issues that are very important to people's lives, such as environmental protection, conscientious consumption, and sustainable development. By supporting ethical sellers, the public can promote justice, fairness, and equity in international trade and collaborate to develop a sustainable economic model.

公平貿易節開幕儀式 (EN)

The Fair Trade Fiesta was inaugurated by guests from various industries! Professor Lo Wing-Hung, Head of the Department of Government and Public Administration at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Principal Lin Chun-pong, Chairman of the Hong Kong Association of the Heads of Secondary Schools, Artistic Director Mr. Banky Yeung of the FM Theatre Power, Chairman Mr. Delton Li and Directors Mr. Francis Fong, Ms. Ivy Lau, and Mr. Jonathan Mok of the Fair Trade Hong Kong, and Chief Executive Ms. Maria Cheung were among those in attendance. Jeffrey Kwan and Michael Chu from Pomato shared their understanding of Fair Trade with MC Jacqueline Pang and urged the public to support it.

公平貿易座談會 (EN)

This year marked the first ever occurrence of the Fair Trade Symposium. Ms. Jan Huei-Jen, the Secretary-general of the Fairtrade Taiwan, shared her experience promoting Fair Trade in Taiwan. We also invited Ms Maisy Ho, Project Manager of Fullness Social Enterprise Society (FSES), Dr. Clara Kan, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Marketing, School of Business and Management, Hong Kong Baptist University and Mr. Anthony Chiu, Director of Hong Kong Fair Trade Power to discuss how to bring Fair Trade and sustainable development values closer to the lifestyles of consumers.

實踐公平!公平貿易市集 (EN)

The Fair Trade Bazaar invited ten conscientious merchants to the event to provide the public with more channels for sustainable consumption!

童Fun公平!可持續工作坊 (EN)

A series of workshops on the theme of "sustainable living" to learn tips on sustainable and fair living. Workshops include: Organic Pigments Workshop, Coffee Ground Scrub Workshop and Handmade Tea Soap Workshop.


樂玩公平!公平貿易互動展覽角落 (EN)

The audience was provided with information on Fair Trade and sustainable development through an interactive area. The panels also included a recap of the Fair Trade Outlying Island trip, detailing the learning process and accomplishments of the participating students over the course of the three-day trip.