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Fair Trade Hong Kong (FTHK) believes that corporate engagement is the key to drive Fair Trade movement in Hong Kong. By practising Fair Trade business, corporations will help alleviate poverty, reduce social inequality, contribute to a sustainable development and ensure the farmers and workers receive their fair share of income in developing countries. Therefore, “Fair Trade Corporate Award” is launched to recognize corporations with strong commitment to Fair Trade in their operations.

There are three levels of awards, namely Gold, Silver and Bronze, of Fair Trade Corporate Award.

  • Corporations will be rewarded with a Fair Trade Plaque
  • Fair Trade Gold awardees will be entitled to use the awarded Fair Trade mark for promotion and events

  • All awarded corporations will be listed on the FTHK website, social media and other promotion materials
  • Awardee will be invited to the Annual Award Ceremony (it is cancelled in 2020 due to COVID-19 epidemic)


Requirement for “Fair Trade Gold”

Support Hong Kong to be a Fair Trade town; or provide at least one Fair Trade product under company’s core business to customers within the year; AND fulfill the Fair Trade Silver requirement.

Requirement for “Fair Trade Silver”:

Advocate Fair Trade in the market; or provide at least one Fair Trade activity to clients within the year; AND fulfill Fair Trade Bronze requirement.

Requirement for “Fair Trade Bronze”:

Raise awareness of Fair Trade in the company; organise at least two Fair Trade activities to staff within the year.